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Lewisville House Leveling Services is a local Lewisville, TX foundations, house-leveling, and basement crack repair company with over 20+ years of experience. Providing fast and dependable foundation services in Lewisville, TX at reasonable rates. With decades worth of experience we are available to solve your problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lewisville House Leveling Services services residential and commercial properties such as: chain stores, realtors, municipalities, industrial complexes, condos, apartment buildings, and homes. Our technicians are certified to perform inspections and repairs. Lewisville House Leveling Services of Lewisville, TX guarantees quality workmanship, and since will deliver on promises because they will even take on the toughest jobs out there. No job is too big or too small for Lewisville House Leveling Services!

Grouting Services – Compaction Grouting is a pressurized low mobility grouting technique deep into the sub-soils used to correct building settlement, reinforce backfills, densify loose or fine grained subsurface soils, reduce sinkhole potential and stabilize existing sinkhole conditions.

  • Chemical Grouting – Among the many different types of chemical grout, the one that might be used to remediate your specific soil problem will be based on the location, soil type, structural integrity and purpose (structural or water control).
  • Pressure Grouting – The deep compaction grouting process is typical for sinkhole remediation and foundation repair. Common in Florida but not Texas!
  • Soil Stabilization – When weak or eroding soils undermine your home’s foundation, sometimes leading to breach, break and separation, we use the latest technology and our own premier Polyurethane Chemical Grouting to create extreme soil strength and put you back on solid ground.

Foundation Repair Services – The best repair method(s) for your Texas property will depend upon many factors including your soil conditions, drainage patterns, any sinkhole activity, other proximate environment conditions, structure weight, accessibility and damage, etc.

  • Underpinning Overview – Common underpinning products go by names such as steel piers, pins, screw piles, anchors, helical anchors, etc.
  • Helical Piers – You may have heard of these deep helical piers underpinning screw pile products by other names such as: helical anchors, helical piles, helical piers, screw anchors, cross plate anchors or tie backs.
  • Steel Pier Underpinning – Underpinning transfers your structure’s weight from its foundation, through unstable soils down to stable bedrock.
  • Steel Pier Underpinning Process – Foundation repair or underpinning projects are usually completed in days, not weeks. Should conditions change, the piers can be easily inspected, tested and/or adjusted.
  • Steel Pier Advantages – The technological innovation, engineering precision and specialized tools at Earth Contact Products (ECP) produce foundation underpinning products of the highest quality that are designed and engineered to perform in a variety of conditions and for the long term.

Underdrain Systems – Excess water near your foundation can cause the structure to move due to shrinking and swelling of the existing soils (especially clay soils), causing foundation damage with tell-tale cracks in your ceilings and walls and worse.

Foundation Crack Repair – Foundation cracks, sticking doors, bowing floor, plumbing leak. We handle it all.

Causes of Foundation Failure – Weak soil conditions, drainage problems, improper pre-construction site preparation and soil stabilization where needed, inferior materials used by “short cut” foundation contractors, lack of specialized foundation knowledge on the part of a typical general contractor.

Signs of Foundation Problems – What To Look For If You Suspect Foundation Failure in Lewisville, TX

cracks foundation damage

Inside of House

• Cracks in sheetrock
• Doors and windows that stick
• Cracks in floor or tile
• Misaligned doors & windows
• Trim or molding misaligned
• Split wood floors


• Walls leaning in or out
• Cracks in walls
• Water leakage through cracks at base of walls


• Separation from door
• Wall rotating out
• Cracks in the brick or concrete

Outside of House

• Gaps around doors and windows
• Cracks in foundation
• Cracks in the brick
• Fascia board pulling away
• Chimneys tilting or leaning

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